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About CertifiedTrue

CertifiedTrue™ makes it easy and safe for legal, insurance and real estate professionals to use distributed ledger technologies in their core business processes and product to reduce fraud, risks and operational costs.

CertifiedTrue™ is a B2B startup focused on solving scalability and adoption of the blockchain in the legal, insurance and real estate industries. Our proprietary blockchain network, CERTnet, is a modular smart contracts platform that makes it easy and safe for non-programmers to create and run smart contracts on our network. Our first decentralized application, CertifiedPhoto™, makes it easy to capture, store and authenticate photo documentation that can be relied upon in court. CertifiedTrue’s various services enable legal, insurance and real estate professionals to reduce fraud and operational costs while providing a secure data chain of custody and simplifying the use of smart contracts.

Seeing is believing. But what happens when we see something that has been designed to fool us? In a world of fake news, where photoshopping of photos is common, and metadata describing when, where and how a file originated can be untraceably changed, how do we know what is true?

CertifiedTrue is a B2B SaaS startup that solves that problem using a proprietary process and blockchain technology to provide authenticated data provenance, so that you can trust any file that has our CERTification.

Our first application, CertifiedPhoto, is as simple as taking a picture with our mobile app – and the photo, with its provenance, is CERTified on our blockchain and cryptographically secured and archived in the cloud. With our convenient webapp, the account owner can view and manage photos taken by all users on the account and anyone can instantly authenticate a CertifiedPhoto™.

Other blockchain platforms are too slow, too costly per transaction or too user unfriendly to scale our solution, so we are building our patent pending blockchain network, CERTnet, a hybrid public/private consortium model using our proprietary Proof of Certified Acces protocols and Hyperleder Sawtooth core.


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