Together Blockchain & CBD delivers greater supply chain transparency and confidence from crop cultivation through to customer delivery. Blockchain healthcare applications are increasing, and decentralized ledger technology is improving trust, compliance and efficiency throughout the chain. Many hemp and cannabis suppliers are embracing blockchain for regulatory compliance, but also for payments, E-Commerce and community driven initiatives. Find trusted Cannabis Manufacturers, Solutions and CBD Vendors, supported by Blockchain Technology.

Cura Partners

Everything is Possible!

cat-icon West Coast, Western US


Aphria, medical cannabis powered by sunlight.

cat-icon Great Lakes


Let's Grow Together

cat-icon Greater Denver Area, Western US

Medicinal Genomics

Grow CLEAN. Grow FAST. Grow SMART.

cat-icon European Union (EU)

Evio Labs

EVIO Labs is the leading national provider of cannabis accredited testing.


Trace delivers customized track & trace solutions for soil-to-sale visibility into cannabis supply c

cat-icon New England, Northeastern US

Namaste Technologies

Re-imagining the cannabis experience, we create innovative online platforms that deliver unexpected

cat-icon Great Lakes


The leading cannabis retail management platform for modern dispensaries across the U.S. Processing $

cat-icon Greater Denver Area, Western US

DMG Blockchain Solutions

The First Vertically Integrated Blockchain Company

cat-icon 1090 Homer St, Vancouver, British Columbia CA

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