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BTCMEX is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform which provides innovative AI services for perpetual contract investors. We offer retail friendly solutions to individual traders and institutions.

The AI intervention tool is designed to eliminate the human factor and impulsiveness. Our aim is not to replace the human brain with the AI but to help it operate futures and other financial products in order to provide better trading experience.

The responsibility of the computer program is to measure the risk of decision-making by constantly correcting the operation according to the existing decision, such as withdrawal, limit, etc. The intelligent aids ensure that the decision-making is not affected by subjective factors, and at the same time easy to understand and use.

BTCMEX is attracting quantitative trading enthusiasts around the world. We have developed a multi-language trading system which can provide interfaces for developers in languages such as python, javascript, java and even SDK, using the trading programs or institutions’ API directly for quantitative and high-frequency trading.

The core team members of BTCMEX are experienced quantitative traders who have financial expertise and excellent programming skills. Our innovative user tools are built in the BTCMEX system after being successfully tested by API of many traditional trading institutions.


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