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About Bond.One

Bringing the global debt market onto the blockchain – Bond One is a bond underwriting, distribution and trading platform built on the blockchain. It will bridge the gap between traditional sources of debt financing and crowd funding platforms. The platform will make it easier and more cost-effective for investors to evaluate and trade securities. We also aim to lower the cost of capital for small and middle market businesses by creating a mechanism through which loans can be more efficiently securitized and distributed to a broad group of investors.

Once the platform gains traction we will expand coverage to larger businesses with more substantial loans. The debt instrument will be called a BlockBond. Bond.One will be supported by an underlying cryptocurrency called BondCoin. All stakeholders will require BondCoin to transfer value across the platform.

BlockBonds will be structured as traditional bond instruments however, they will have the added benefit of being recorded on the blockchain. The launch of a blockchain-based fixed income instrument will dispense with unnecessary intermediaries, reduce fees, enhance distribution networks and ensure transparency and data quality.


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