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About Blue Whale Apps

Award winning blockchain (dApp) development company, offering full development cycle for decentralized applications – What do you need your app to do?

That’s where every new project consultation begins at Blue Whale Apps.

Starting with the result you want to achieve and working backward is the fastest route to making an industry-leading app. We’re strong believers in the minimum viable product (MVP) strategy because you can release a flawless early version of your app that does everything you need it to do on day one.

This strategy sets up a predictable update structure where your users keep seeing useful additions within your app. With every new feature that gets added, the experience just keeps getting better for them. Everyone wins because there’s no mad dash to get a fully-functional app out the door on a set date, only to see that it has numerous bugs and immediately gets bad reviews.

Does that sound like the kind of plan you’d like to follow for your app? Great! Here’s a little more information about us.

The team specializes in end-to-end app development for Fortune 1000 businesses and government agencies. Recent projects have included apps for organizations in the healthcare, technology, public utilities, entertainment, retail, consumer products and automotive industries. Our offices are located along the east coast in Virginia, New York and Florida.

If you stop by for a visit, you’ll find us working on everything from designing intuitive web interfaces and developing best-selling mobile apps to providing app marketing and digital transformation engineering services like IoT, AR and VR, voice assistants, artificial intelligence and blockchain development.

Blue Whale Services:
Strategy and Consulting
User Experience and UI Design
Custom Application Development
Digital Engineering
App Marketing and Customer Engagement
Government Solutions


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