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About BlockchainIntel

Identify high risk transactions by scoring your blockchain related transactions, addresses and entities.

Companies use BlockchainIntel’s scoring to prevent suspicious transactions in real time and provide ongoing AML or compliance reports. BlockchainIntel’s risk score API provides real time scores based on blockchain activity, including geographic location, fraud, and links to scams.

Exchanges use BlockchainIntel to provide transaction history, including all relevant transactions an address participated in. They can drill down into transaction details such transaction location. They also can drill down into wallet details such as fees, double-spends. Using wallet and transaction details, addresses can be labeled as coming from exchanges, mining pools, or other merchants.

Law enforcement have used BlockchainIntel tools and worked with BlockhainIntel to identify the source of scams and thefts and monitor for future crime.

Merchants have used BlockchainIntel to provide blockchain provenance for transactions worth millions of dollars USD, ensuring the coins being exchanged into fiat currency have not been involved with criminal activity and have come from legitimate sources.

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