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About Blockchain Source

Blockchain Source is one of the leading technology consulting companies based in the Swiss Crypto Valley Zug. They focus on applying blockchain technologies in business to help their clients learn and understand how these can create new business opportinities as well as improve or extend existing ones.

Innovation and Agility
In today’s world every business must have business agility, which is a positioning to quickly adapt to changes in their business landscape and innovate in order to be competitive and create value for their customers and shareholders.

Technology at the core
Technology is at the core of all successful businesses, like Amazon, Apple and Tesla as well as for all startups. These are all tech-first companies operating in some business domain.

We understand technology and business as well as businesses built on top of technology. It’s what we do and also what we bring to the table working with our clients. It is the foundation of our approach together with innovation and agility.

It’s the overall solution we care about, not the parts
We focus on and take ownership of the overall solution and outcome while continuously adapting roadmaps and deliverables in close collaboration with the client to meet the needed goals. Just like an agile startup.

Focus on value.
Technology and tools are means to end for your business value and user value. User experience is absolutely key when designing an overall solution to make it simple, easy to use and deliver what is needs in order to create value for users and businesses.

Services Include:
1. CTO as a Service
2. Solution Architecture
3. Cloud & Software Engineering
4. Business Agility & Education

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