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About Blockchain Partners

Blockchain Partners specialises in blockchain education – ranging from basic blockchain 101 to advanced blockchain for developers. Former NSA affiliated cryptographer and professor, Dr. Christian Seberino and Richard Kastelein, Blockchain News Publisher and author of more than 2000 articles on Blockchain technology, have been successfully providing three different levels of four-hour, live, remote, online courses at the corporate level to management, sales and technology staff working for Oracle, the world’s second-largest software company.

Dr. Seberino gives deep insight into Blockchain Technology while Kastelein focuses on the Business of Blockchain and its impact on numerous industries including supply chain, healthcare, entertainment, loyalty programmes, gaming, and the use of crypto-economics in creating new liquidity.

The two work together and teach anywhere from ten to fifty students from Singapore to San Francisco, Berlin to Buenos Aires. It’s more than a slideshow, they interact with the classes using mining simulations games to teach Proof of Work, set up everyone with crypto wallets and let them send cryptocurrency between each other and more. There is a dialogue using both voices and chat to fill the virtual space with questions as well as answers, coming both teachers and other students.

Using WebEx technology, the team from Blockchain Partners and the Oracle staff work remotely, saving time, expenses and erasing some of the carbon footprints from in-person live sessions. Unlike a taped recording, doing it live helps make sure that everyone, by the end of four hours, understands not just what blockchain can do, but how it works.


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