Blockchain Holding

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About Blockchain Holding

Blockchain Holding GmbH is based in Dresden, Germany. The company is developing, producing and operating its own base technology for Blockchain Applications.

Currently focussed on the only significant revenue pool in Blockchain applications, production and operation of own infrastructure for transaction processing of Bitcoin transactions. The company produces the worlds first industrial scale ASIC Miner based on 22nm FDX technology. 100% Made in Germany. Experts in designing Blockchain Based Technology.

As pioneers and early adopters in this new and emerging technology sector, the employees of Blockchain Holding GmbH are on the frontier of digitalization.

Innovation and german engineering ingenueity are solid ground for our work and are the main reasons for our technological leadership.

Blockchain Holdings goals are:

• Production and operation of own infrastructure for transaction processing of the next high potential cryptocurrencies.

• Infrastructure-as-a-service: Providing data center infrastructure for future Blockchain Application Provider (BAP) or HPC Processors;

• R&D/IP for BAP: Develop chip/ASIC intellectual property for high value/mission critical Blockchain applications.

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