Blockchain Centre Vilnius

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About Blockchain Centre Vilnius

A global hub for blockchain-related services with an additional focus on community building and education. Blockchain Centre Vilnius – member of Melbourne and Shanghai BC group is the first blockchain technology center connecting key stakeholders in Asia and Europe. We strongly believe that distributed ledger technology is a positive social and economic force that can empower entrepreneurs, create new economic value and above all reduce poverty and inequality around the world.

Our conviction is that Blockchain technology is playing a major role in the ongoing information and internet revolution around the globe. It is a social and economic movement that is creating new unimaginable ways of connecting people across borders in Europe, Asia, Americas, Middle East and Africa. Our mission is to give the community an online and physical platform to empower the network of individuals and institutions to ensure a stable working environment for technology developers and end users. We see the Blockchain Centre, Vilnius as a safe and trusted avenue for developing public and private sector partnerships.

Blockchain Centre Vilnius is a non-profit association uniting all the stakeholders to protect common interest and to facilitate the environment for growth, innovation and collaboration. The Board of Directors and the Management Team have one thing in common: they are excited by new possibilities created by digital technologies and have absolute faith in our ability to bring about positive change for everyone. Bringing together a vast experience in business, internet technologies, regulatory and financial process the team will be ‘on call’ to provide practical advice on how to engage in distributed ledger opportunities.


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