Block Materials

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About Block Materials

Block Materials is a successful start up in the world of applying Blockchain technology to real estate challenges and the circular economy. The ownership of materials can be guaranteed on the basis of Blockchain registrations. The registration of materials in the Blockchain implements various value propositions for customers, such as being able to use residual values of buildings, reducing various management and maintenance costs (transaction costs), which are linked to the materials, reducing CO2 issues and making the materials marketable (in buildings).

Block Materials provide financial benefits and support in completing circularity objectives for real estate owners. Our starting point always starts with the inventory of the materials present in the building. This gives us the necessary data that we use to apply our added value for property owners. We then combine this data with the Blockchain technology so that we can issue certificates.

We as Block Materials are a start-up based on the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen. We are a team of materials specialists with knowledge and experience in areas such as architecture, circular economy, facility management, Blockchain and monetary economy. By looking differently at materials from buildings, we want to make a difference in the real estate sector.


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