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About Blinking

Blinking develops digital identity and user onboarding solutions. We offer digital identity authentication, access authorization, and user management platform. Our product gives end-users ownership and control of their private data, while businesses get user onboarding and authentication, streamlined eKYC data, and document storage and exchange system. It employs multi-factor authentication that rests on the usage of different biometric modalities. Simple, secure, and seamless user onboarding and mobility across digital services.

Blinking is a robust digital identification platform built with ‘privacy by design’ approach and principles. Based on Hyperledger Fabric blockchain architecture, Blinking provides an overall digital identity solution. It is a private, permissioned and scalable blockchain featuring digital identity multi-factor authentication, authorization, as well as KYC process utility and secure private data storage.

We connect private and public institutions in a common, shared, digital ecosystem for secure and private data and document exchange. It removes unnecessary, repetitive and wasteful due diligence required from users each time they want to use a new offline or online service. Consumers can easily, securely and conveniently verify and share their identity information and rely on services remotely.

They also developed standalone digital and video onboarding solutions which rely on biometric authentication and OCR document scanning and recognition.


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