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About BaerChain

BaerChain, an online game ecology platform of distributed smart contract, constructed based on blockchain, will subvert rules of traditional online games industry and connect compositions of the whole game ecological chain with undecentralized structure, making assets butt-joint, circulate and store. BaerChain team is responsible for the construction of the bottom game public chain and offering of blockchain bottom technology and smart contracts to global game developers.

In terms of ecology, it will coordinate the economic system between games and economic system of BRC, and get them through to each other. Virtual currencies of different games can convert values mutually via BRC. BRC tokens obtained in games can also be transferred to other currencies.

BaerChain platform is building gamers communities, for the convenience of communications and co-operations between them. For players, they are given the chance to participate in investment, feedback and comment from the establishment of games, which make them have all-around fun, rights to speak and valuable earnings from playing games. For developers, this platform will provide unprecedented financing opportunity, settling issues like complicated payment system, low efficiency, expensive fees of different games, and provide a complete economic system to guarantee game revenues.

The vision of BaerChain is to develop underlying game public chain of high performance, motivating game industry advance forward, and be dedicated to making outstanding technological contributions to the global game industry’s blockchain application.


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