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About Authenticiti

Authenticiti is taking out the supply chain complexities between buyers and sellers by creating a hyper real-time digital platform for them to connect, share and serve.

We do that by deploying our open-source blockchain-based platform to achieve real-time visibility, hyper-efficiency and faster payment for industrial manufacturers.

The platform enables industrial manufacturers to: Connect their information siloes like legacy applications, supplier portals or excel spreadsheets to our next-generation middleware layer that standardizes the data to a common format for real-time retrieval and sharing.

Share information with internal or external users securely with distributed encryption enforcing permissions and guaranteeing that any user controls their data across on a shared network.

Serve their customers more efficiently with an application layer to visualize supply chain data in real-time, receive real-time alerts, and automate complex business logic such as rule-based inventory replenishment, service lifecycle management or electronic billing.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco with an engineering office in Toronto, Canada.


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