ASR Cryptotechnology s.r.o.

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About ASR Cryptotechnology s.r.o.

Cryptographic Solutions – ASR Cryptotechnology is an innovative blockchain engineering company formed with the goal to design, develop, roll-out, support and improve entrepreneurial solutions with intention to bring transparency and trust into dealing between businesses and individuals over the internet with the help of blockchain technology and cryptographic token economy. The core team is located in Prague, Czech Republic and consists of seasoned professionals with multi-decade experience in FinTech, enterprise system development, UX/UI design, product design, DevOps and technical support.

ASR team members possess multiple certifications and diplomas in fields ranging from Blockchain to Web development to Agile project management. Our belief is that there is an incredible amount of very high-tech solutions created in blockchain world during the last couple of years and the speed of development is completely relentless and keep on accelerating, however, as technology is marching forward user adoption is still lagging behind and many of the technology advancements have not much of the use and lack practical applications.

The company’s main focus is to bring innovation created by blockchain and crypto asset technologies to mass adoption through implementation of platforms for real world use cases that can significantly benefit from the use of blockchain and crypto tokens while making user experience extremely friendly and easy to use.


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