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About ArtOlin

ArtOlin is a platform that allows artists and art lovers to record digital content permanently, making it possible to verify authorship and ownership from anywhere in the world indefinitely. With ArtOlin, content creators can generate systems to promote or monetize their work immediately and without a middleman.

The platform allows anyone to generate, buy or sell NFTs. Any creator can register and certify digital content by issuing their own NFTs easily, quickly and securely. An author can decide to transfer or sell their NFTs using the OlinWallet, or keep them as proof of authorship.

ArtOlin’s objective is to craft the highest-quality crypto-assets, also known as crypto-collectibles or NFTs, making them durable, beautiful, independent of third parties, and verifiable by anyone. The ArtOlin platform aims to create a unique digital art collection, with indestructible and transferable tokens which will be registered in the Bitcoin blockchain forever.


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