Applied Blockchain

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About Applied Blockchain

Applications With Enhanced Trust & Privacy – Applied Blockchain builds business applications using advanced cryptography to provide superior data security and data privacy. We work with global companies including Shell, KLM, United Nations, Toyota, SITA, Lloyds Register, and a range of technology startups.

Employing both technical advisory and full-stack in-house development and project management capabilities during engagements, Applied Blockchain works with clients to provide a best practice approach to maximise the utility of advanced cryptography, privacy-preserving and distributed ledger technologies for a given use case, design the architecture of the system and then build the solution in accordance with both technical and business requirements.

We have received investment from Shell and Calibrate Partners and have built over 30 private blockchain applications. We have worked across major vertices including financial services, energy, aviation, automotive, shipping, telecoms, legal, medical, property, recruitment and supply chain management.

Applied Blockchain have been recognised by Gartner as a Global Top 20 Development and Consulting Firm.


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