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About Aphria

We Have A Good Thing Growing – Aphria is the standard for safe, clean and pure pharmaceutical-grade cannabis at scale, grown in the most natural conditions possible. Integral to our role as industry leaders is our focus on business met with scalable and sustainable social impact. Every step in the journey of Aphria’s product from facility to client is defined by unmatched attention to quality, value, and accountability. A purpose driven company, we believe that when value goes deeper than numbers, the numbers reflect it positively. That’s why at the foundation of the craft and delivery of our medical cannabis is a commitment to patient Quality of life.

In the same spirit, our comprehensive portfolio of adult-use brands is rooted in expert research tailored to translate meaningful consumer insight into confident, profitable market strategy. Attentive to the diversity of needs, values, and preferences of people, as well as the wealth of emerging cannabis product formats available, we make foresight top priority.

Only with a view to the future of our robust and dynamic industry, can we expect to meet its demands. Beyond simply competing, Aphria chooses to lead, by advancing essential clinical-research studies and evolving our understanding of our broad cross-section of patients and consumers.


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