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About Ambisafe

Most advanced security and utility token issuance platform – Since foundation in 2015, Ambisafe has provided the technological infrastructure for almost a hundred projects, allowing them to launch their tokens, build applications, connect with over 500,000 contributors and raise capital of more than $300M.

In 2017, Ambisafe launched Orderbook, the first decentralized trading platform, to enable the sale of cryptocurrency tokens using Initial Exchange Offerings. Orderbook provides KYC, AML, and investor accreditation, allowing to use the infrastructure for primary issuance of security and utility tokens. The platform also functions as a fully decentralized trading platform for secondary trading.

Our team is renowned for its technical and financial processes. We saved money during the Parity wallet hack and have reported security vulnerabilities in some of the top exchanges. Combined, our team has over 40 years of blockchain experience and 20 years of capital markets expertise in US markets.

The company has an in-depth understanding of the needs of blockchain asset administrators and their customers. Ambisafe offer a set of white label software products that save you up to a year of engineering efforts.


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