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About a-Qube

Turn your Ideas into Profitable Assets: a-Qube is the first p2p Mobile Incubator which turns Business Ideas into Profitable Assets. Using Game Theory, Storytelling tools and Blockchain technology, we propose a system which breaks the prototyping process into easily executable, self-filtering tasks (implementation slots) and creates value along the process. a-Qube platform is divided into two sections: InQubator & Ideas Marketplace.

By using Project Management frameworks and creating an open-ecosystem for distributed innovation, a-Qube lowers the entry-barriers for independent players and enhances a process through which business-focused ideas can easily be implemented to valuable digital assets. By providing complete business proposals developed by an incentivized audience, a-Qube provides entrepreneurs and corporations a service able to cut up to 100 times the costs connected to Market Research and Corporate Innovation.


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